The Surprising Backstory Behind One of America’s Most Popular Hat Brands  

Hat brands have left a legacy on American fashion that will likely never be changed. From fedoras to fezzes, the look of fashion changes dramatically as history continues forward and the world continues to change. One of the biggest brands in world fashion, Brixton is an international icon specializing in what many refer to as a ‘timeless’ style. Often considered streetwear, Brixton boasts sharp, clean lines and a modern feel in its collection of apparel.

This brand didn’t begin with a thunderous applause or multi-million dollars’ worth of funding. The secret to Brixton’s success? Their hat brands.

In the Beginning

Ever since the young age of 14, David Stoddard knew he wanted to start a fashion company.

Growing up around the individual styles of so many different people, David decided that stereotypes should have no place in fashion. Companies should allow for unique spins and angles, combining elements for today’s eclectic audience. David and his good friends Jason Young and Mike Chapin had a penchant for vintage yet modern hats, which seemed impossible to find in a postmodern-saturated fashion market. This was perhaps the stroke of fate that started it all. David and his three friends went into business together to create an old-but-new brand of headwear known as Brixton.

Fifteen years ago in 2004, Brixton began its journey in David’s hometown of Oceanside in Southern California. The process of creating headwear that matches the culture, music, and diverse people of CA takes a great deal of creativity and innovation, but David and his friends were more than ready for the challenge. Fully self-funded, Brixton’s namesake follows the trio’s favorite band, The Clash. Their combination of past, present, and future music styles has helped to inspire the brand to create more of what sets them apart.

The Movement Begins

Within five years, the trio realized that they were on to something big. Their use of leather and tweed, plaid and distressed metals gave their hat brands an edge over many competitors. Full-brimmed hats, caps, and visors began to surge in popularity. Eventually, a king of the hats stood tall above the rest: the iconic Grey Stroll Fedora. Brixton knew it was time to begin branching into other apparel, and in 2008 they began selling their own line of themed clothing collections. Even with an enormous growth in only a few short years, hats continue to be an integral part of the brand’s fashion presence.

The Next Chapter

With time, passion, and innovation, Brixton has successfully created a flourishing company off the back of their iconic headwear, and will continue to expand their brand’s style for many years to come.