Road accidents can always happen unexpectedly, and dealing with them is an unpleasant activity. Mainly, getting the vehicle off the road after an accident can get nasty if one does not know how to handle it smoothly. Calling a towing company is the ideal solution in such a situation. They would tow the bus/truck to an automobile workshop nearby, thereby helping you deal with the problem quite effectively. However, one needs to make sure that their services are quick, reliable and affordable.

Leading towing services in Australia like Barnes Auto Co use a heavy tow truck to recover/tow damaged vehicles in less time. The key is to hire such faster services that can ease the situation’s severity in a short time.

Here is a list of things to consider while hiring a towing company in Australia.


Road accidents can happen anytime, and it is impossible to predict the location or the time of the accident beforehand. Therefore, one of the prerequisites of a good towing company is to provide their services round the clock. Availability is something that is always a crucial factor in good towing services. Customers should look out for experienced and reliable services that will not make them wait for prolonged periods in times of urgency. The services should enable emergency services facilities, and they should also respond quickly to the customers’ calls.


Before hiring, enquire about the range of vehicles they cover. With expert towing companies like Barnes Auto Co coming to the fore, anyone can transport even heavy vehicles including trucks, road trains and buses, using a heavy tow truck. Hence, first, determine which company would suit your needs. It is essential because certain services only cover smaller vehicles like cars and motorcycles. That is why people recommend enquiring about the range of vehicles covered by the towing company. Also, enquire about the maximum distance that they can tow before hiring.


In most cases, the person(s) involved in an accident would initially panic even when there is no casualty. In such a scenario, it is essential to assess the situation’s gravity before hiring a towing company. Collect necessary information such as the type of vehicle, its present condition, whether it’s moveable and so on. Before the company staff arrives, inform them all such details over the phone to have a rough idea of the kind of tow truck to send and all the tools they need to carry along.


The service charge plays a determining role in the overall efficiency of a towing company. One should find out if the company is unreasonably charging any hidden fees for an unspecified service. Also, enquire if there is any garage fee apart from the expenses they deduct for the towing service. Before hiring, finalize the overall charges and again ask them about the available payment methods. Do not fall prey to the fraudulent techniques of inexperienced companies. Always hire professional and experienced companies that are trustworthy.


It is imperative to hire reliable towing services to handle one’s precious vehicle in emergency times, owing to the uncertain nature of accidents and road troubles. Several factors, such as the company’s reputation, past experiences, affordability, availability, and so on, are factors to consider while hiring a towing company.