Things to Know When You Store Your Food

There are a few things you should keep in mind while using Heat food storage box

 [กล่อง อาหาร เก็บ ความ ร้อน , which is the term in Thai] if it is of premium quality.

  • Never ever reheat food in a plastic container

Reheating or preparing food in a plastic container even if it is marked microwave secure, is not secure as the plastic upon heating launch a particular type of chemical which will better seep into the food altering its components.

It isn’t a good idea to store hot or prepared food in a plastic container, yet it is safe to keep dry food as well as it additionally depends upon the quality of the plastic used. There may be implications in a place where temperature level variant prevails. And absolutely it is not at all safe to take the compound (plastic container) and placing it in the microwave as it has hereditary implications, can alter the heredity of the food, which can bring about some severe ailments in the future, such as cancer.

  • Keep it away from warm water

Cleaning anything with hot water offers a germ-free as well as stain-free coating, however washing the plastic container with hot water or saving hot water in plastic container is not a secure idea. Similar to the response of heating the plastic container mentioned above, warm water additionally causes the chemical launch, which can make the water in the container or food in plastic container unsafe somewhat.

Now, we don’t want you confused about exactly how to utilize your plastic containers going forward. Don’t stress; there are ways in which you can use your older plastic boxes with no side-effects. As an example, you could wrap the food in an aluminum foil sheet prior to storing it in the plastic container, so regarding stay clear of the contact in between chemicals and food. Use these containers to save dry snacks or open packages of chips as well as salty food items.

But Plastic Containers are Not All-Dangerous

It is not such as every plastic container releases dangerous chemicals, so not necessary to panic right now. Containers of good quality have a #2, #4 and #5 published at the bottom; these are about risk-free for food storage space. But since it’s tough to assure the top quality of plasticware acquired, some individuals stay away from them totally, choosing glass or steel containers rather. If the plastic containers are of BPA free, then they can be used. Thin plastics, like mineral water bottles, should not be used again or kept in the sun.