Tips to work with a car accident lawyer in Colorado

While not mandatory by law, hiring an experienced attorney is imperative for your car accident case. Colorado is an at-fault state. If the accident happened because of the other driver’s fault, they are liable to pay compensation for your damages. Before you file a claim with their insurer, talking to a skilled Colorado Springs car accident lawyer. Here are some quick tips for a better client-lawyer relationship.

  1. Be honest. Colorado follows the modified comparative negligence rule. If you had part share of fault, this will impact your settlement. Make sure to share all details with your attorney, even if you are at fault. Your lawyer can prep for the worst, only when you are honest in your version of the case. 
  2. Take all evidence with you. If you had taken pictures, details of other vehicles, cars, and witnesses following the accident, do share the information with your lawyer. Also, take your medical bills, other payments related to the accident, and vehicle damage repair bills. 
  3. Get an assessment. Allow the car accident lawyer to offer a fair and unbiased assessment of the case. This can give you the window to decide if you want to pursue the claim in the first place. For instance, if your injuries are minor, your lawyer may suggest accepting whatever the insurance company has to offer. 
  4. Be patient. Getting a settlement from a car accident lawsuit can take months, depending on facts of the case. Don’t disturb your lawyer every week for an update. If there is any development, your lawyer will inform you. Clients often have the tendency to micro-manage their claim/lawsuit, which is never a good practice. 
  5. Discuss all costs. Depending on facts and circumstances, a car accident lawyer may agree to take your case on a contingency fee. The lawyer will only ask for a fee, if they win. The fee is usually 25-40% of the final settlement. There could be other expenses related to litigation and investigation, so ask your lawyer if they can handle or advance these costs on your behalf. 

If you are hiring a personal injury lawyer for the first time in Colorado, do check their work profile. You need to be sure that the lawyer dedicates a considerable part of their practice to car accident claims and lawsuits. For that, you can ask discuss their top cases and settlements, besides asking for references.