TOP 10 The Most Practical Configuration List of Cars


In our daily car driving, some car configurations are very common and helpful to the driver. Some are very useless. Today I will share with you Top 10 practical configuration for the car according to my 20 years’ driving experience.

NO 10: One key lifting

With the one-key lifting of the window, you can control the window of the whole car in the driving position. If you have obsessive-compulsive disorder, you don’t have to look at all the windows to check whether it is closed. This configuration is more common and easy to use.

NO 9: Automatic headlights

For cars with automatic headlights, turn AUTO on. When you drive through a dark road, such as a tunnel or at night, you don’t have to manually turn on the headlights. The automatic headlights will automatically turn on and off, so you can focus on driving your car. This is also safer.

NO 8: Electric suction door

I remember many years ago, when I first saw the electric suction door, I felt so amazing. I didn’t need to close the car door with large strength. I just need to gently pull it. Then the door will automatically close completely. Now, this configuration is generally only available on high-end luxury cars. Cars without electric suction doors are very common due to the occasional strong closing of the doors, which makes the components of the door frame loose and worn. The electric suction door can reduce this kind of damage, helping a lot to the protection of the door.

It is also recommended to order from Changyi, the rising star of car modification. Their electric suction doors adopt the buckle design, which barely use screws and convenient for disassembly.

NO 7: Electronic hand brake / automatic parking

Traffic jams and stop-and-go are common things. With electronic handbrakes, you don’t have to take a step to unlock the brakes. It saves a lot of tedious repetitive operations.

NO 6: Electric tailgate

Some large SUVs are still tall, the tailgates are heavy, and the switches are hard. With the electric tailgate, you don’t have to manually switch the tailgates with large strength. Just press a button. The tailgate will open or close. Very practical, right?

With 6 years in intelligent electric tailgate lifts and other auto parts products, Changyi offers high quality electric tailgate. There are 6 main  functions for their electric tailgate:

  1. A soft-close electric suction device
  2. Controlled by the remote device
  3. Smart avoid pinching
  4. Memory function
  5. Sound alert
  6. Foot-sensor function

NO 5: Blind spot monitoring

Many traffic accidents occur when the driver drives from one line to another. That is because there is no clear understanding of the rear car. The blind zone monitoring can solve this problem at some points. When you want to join the line, there is a car coming behind, the rearview mirror will warn you. It is very helpful in driving safety.

NO 4: Steering wheel heating

For people like me who live in a city with a cold winter, this configuration is very practical. You try and you will love it.

NO 3: Seat ventilation/heating

Ventilated and heated seats, whether it is winter or summer, are very practical configuration. In winter, when you get on the cold car, it is cold to sit on the seat. In summer, although there is air conditioning, our buttock and the seat are tightly wrapped together. The sweat cannot be dissipated. With seat ventilation, all these problems are solved.

No. 2: Backing up image

For many drivers, Backing up is not easy, especially in relatively small spaces. Backing up image can be a good solution to this problem. You clearly know whether the car is in the end or not, whether to turn left or turn right.

NO 1: 360 panoramic image

With 360 panoramic images, you get the perspective of God. From the sky overlooking the whole car, there will be no blind spots, especially in places where the road is narrow and the surrounding environment is unknown. Knowing the surrounding situation is an important key to drive safe.

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