Tutima Glashutte: The Newest Collection of Highly Precise Self-Winding Watches Today

Tutima Glashutte’s history has a lot of ups and downs until it became one of this generation’s most recognized watchmakers. It started in manufacturing quartz mechanical timepieces in 1927. Today, Tutima Glashutte is one of the most-picked brands for self-winding watches in the industry.

Tutima Glashutte 6121-03 Saxon One Blue Dial Men’s Watch

If you are looking forward to owning an exquisite watch that incorporates both sleek design and high precision, then then the Tutima Glashutte 6121-03 is perfect for you. It is one of the most-ordered Tutima watches in the market today, costing a tax-free price of ¥209,000 on The Watch Company, which is much cheaper than its tax-included price of ¥229,900.

The Tutima Glashutte 6121-03 from the Saxon One series features a stunning blue dial fitted in a stainless steel case that measures 40 mm in diameter, comes with a sapphire crystal front cover and a see-through back. The face displays luminous arrow-type steel hands, luminous index-type hour markers, and a day-date window. This watch also equips the Caliber Tutima 330 with 25 jewels, ten water resistance bars, and 38 power reserve hours.

Tutima Glashutte 6150-02 M2 Coastline Blue Dial Men’s Watch

One of the most beautiful men’s watches in the market today, yet the cheapest one on the list is the Tutima Glashutte 6150-02 from the M2 Coastline series. It is for sale for a tax-free price of only ¥129,000 on The Watch Company. This timepiece’s casing and bracelet are finely made from a stainless steel material with solid brushed finishes, giving an attractive and dashing look.

On the other hand, Tutima Glashutte 6150-02’s exquisite blue dial comes with SuperLumiNova-coated index-type hour markers, luminous white-blue hands, and a day-date display. Besides the foreign and premium design, this men’s timepiece also features the Caliber Tutima 330 that comes with 30 water resistance bars, 38 power reserve hours, and 25 jewels.

Tutima Glashutte 6451-03 M2 Pioneer Black Dial Men’s Watch

One of the best and perhaps the most expensive men’s timepieces on the list is the Tutima Glashutte 6451-03 from the M2 Pioneer series. Its stunning casing and bracelet are made from titanium with a solid pearl blasted finish. It also features an attractive black dial with luminous appliques and three additional sub-dials.

Another excellent thing about this men’s timepiece is its automatic Caliber Tutima 521 with accurate self-winding movements, 44 power reserve hours, and 25 jewels. Plus, with the help of reliable and dependable sapphire crystal covers, this timepiece can comfortably resist water for up to 400 meters. You can purchase the Tutima Glashutte 6451-03 on The Watch Company for ¥509,000.

Tutima Glashutte 6406-03 Grand Flieger Airport Chronograph Green Dial

If you are looking for a unique, durable, and attractive men’s timepiece, then the Tutima Glashutte 6406-03 from the Grand Flieger Airport Chronograph series is the best you got. It comes in a 43 mm stainless steel casing with army green fabric bands and bezel. On the other hand, the green-colored dial displays a day-date window, three additional sub-dials, and luminous white appliques.

The beauty of Tutima Glashutte 6406-03 does not end on the exterior looks. It is also excellent on the inside. It equips the automatic Caliber Tutima 310 with 25 jewels. This timepiece also comes with 44 power reserve hours and 20 water resistance bars. If you want to get it for a tax-free price, order this timepiece online on The Watch Company for ¥263,546.

Tutima Glashutte 6430-06 M2 Coastline Chronograph Blue Dial

Another excellent watch from the M2 Coastline series is the Tutima Glashutte 6430-06 Chronograph Blue Dial Automatic Men’s Watch. It is water-resistant for up to 20 bars and comes with 44 power reserve hours. Plus, it runs the Caliber Tutima 310 with 25 jewels and self-winding movements. This timepiece is for sale for ¥227,182 on The Watch Company.

If you are a blue lover, then this is also the best watch model for you. The Tutima Glashutte M2 6430-06 features an attractive blue-colored dial with SuperLumiNova-coated hour markers, luminous white hands, three additional sub-dials, and a date display at the side. Another excellent thing about this timepiece is its titanium bracelet and blue leather straps that perfectly match the overall design.


If you are looking forward to adding a one-of-a-kind self-winding timepiece to your collection, then this list of the latest Tutima Glashutte watch models is your best hope. The Watch Company sells all of the watches on the list for tax-free prices.