Two-Wheel Holidays in the UK: Freedom & Independence

While there are many seasoned bikers in the UK, the touring community is fast gaining momentum, and for good reason; a camping holiday on a touring bike is a very economical adventure, as you have almost zero accommodation costs. Those long weekends suddenly present adventure opportunities and we are having great summers this century; music concerts, bike and car racing and other cool events are all reasons to pack the camping gear and jump on your tourer and head off for a few days of fun.

Choosing a Bike

This is a big decision and assuming you have the right driving licence to ride a big bike, then something like the new Kawasaki sports tourer would be perfect. The Ninja series has long been a favourite in the UK, as this sleek machine is a blend of road racing and touring, offering that little bit more to the rider. Of course, the other major manufacturers like Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki all have appealing styles, but for touring, Kawasaki are a nose in front with their unique range of touring bikes.


As you would expect, decking out a big touring bike is not only possible, they have outdone themselves with pannier and sidebox design and with a biking backpack and all your bike storage, you’re good to go. Get a good smartphone holder, which is ideal when using Google Maps to find that quiet campsite tucked away in the Norfolk Broads and with some careful buying, you will be fully equipped with a solar blanket and lithium-iron battery to supply you with power.

Protective Gear

If you are going to explore the UK, you need to invest in quality biker clothing, from head to toe, choosing a quality full-face helmet, leather jacket, gloves and pants, with a nice pair of motorcycle boots that offer ankle support. This will be quite some investment but if you buy quality gear, it will last you close to a lifetime, while giving you the essential protection you need. Click here for travel tips and healthcare, which is important to us all.

Bike Maintenance

If your bike is new, the dealer will be servicing at the correct mileage intervals, while an older bike will still require maintenance. Engine oil change, sparkplug replacement, chain tension and brake pad replacement are all things that need to be done. Due to our inclement climate here in the UK, touring will be limited to the April – September period, with the bike wintering in the garage, protected and ready for the first sunny spring morning.

Planning Road Trips

Technology makes this a simple task and the Internet is full of info on the many regions on the UK and campsites are to be found just about everywhere. In a few years, you can explore the four corners of England and enjoy the stunning beauty of the countryside and with your trusted touring bike, there’s nowhere you can’t go. The Scottish Highlands, for example, would make for a perfect summer holiday, which would be a nice run if you are London based.

With a reliable bike and all the gear, you can look forward to every summer with the anticipation of getting in some serious touring.

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