Use this Guide When Buying the Best Barber Chairs

When customers enter your salon, the furniture is what they notice first. You don’t want a big guy to sit on a small, pink chair. Also, mini-swivel chairs or even unusual chairs that regular salons use may not work. Barber chairs influence your salon’s atmosphere. This is the reason you must understand how to pick the best Lanvain chaise de coiffure for your business.  Here is a buying guide to help you choose the right barber chairs for you:

Kinds of Barber Chair Styles

Barber chairs come in any of the following styles:

  • Classic style. This chair style fits any salon or barbershop. Such kind of furniture is often made in a monochromatic colour scheme, with the use of gray, black, beige, and dark blue. 
  • Futuristic style. This style can make your salon look unique. It is a great option if you do not want to stick to the classic style. Your barber chairs can have bright colours or matte dark colours, depending on the central concept, design, and idea. 
  • Vintage. Often, this barber chair was manufactured a century ago and survived until today. With the antique style, your salon can get an appealing and creative image. 

Picking Barber Chairs

Salon furniture needs to be stylish and comfortable. Also, it must keep the salon’s fundamental idea and central concept. To pick the best chairs for your staff and clients, keep an eye on the following details:

  • Tilt backrest lever.  A lever that can be found on one side of a chair is used to adjust the backrest angle. Some chairs have two levers on every side, letting the barber pick the necessary angle to work efficiently. 
  • Seat depth. Ensure the chairs you want to buy have an adjustable seat depth to ensure the comfort of both your barbers and clients. Otherwise, it will be impossible for the barbers to work properly.
  • Size. Often, barber chairs do not take up much space. But when taking the desired tilt during use, the chairs can take some room, up to 180 cm. So, when you purchase these chairs, keep an eye on their size and the salon’s free space. 
  • Adjustable headrest. Choose chairs that have adjustable headrests. This way, your barbers can move them freely up to 10 cm to 15 cm, allowing them to look for the perfect position when they shave, trim, or style a customer. You want your clients to be comfortable during this procedure.