Using Social Media For Marketing Purposes

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Social media platforms have never failed to surprise us. They have captured the attention of a majority of the world’s population. Many of us can’t even think of a day without logging into our social media accounts. The use of social media is not restricted to personal purposes only. We are also using social media platforms for promoting our brand and products. If you are planning on using your social media account for business purposes, then the question that arises is which platform you should opt for. 

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Different social media platforms are created for different audiences. So, you need to understand your audience before you create your profile on a particular platform. Instead of focusing on all people in general, you should always try to put your focus on your target audience. This will help you to generate quality leads. Your marketing strategies will also depend on your choice of platform. Social media platforms like Instagram have become a breeding ground for entrepreneurs. You can use Instagram for launching a business of your own. You will also be able to purchase followers for your Instagram profile by using Famoid. So, you must get an idea about famoid instagram marketing tips before you launch your business on Instagram.

Few popular social media marketing trends:

Rise in the popularity of Instagram stories: Instagram is known by almost every person on this planet. It is especially popular among the youth of our generation. Instagram is popular because it uses visual content for communication purposes. People share their ideas with each other using photographs and videos. Brands are also posting images of their products and services on Instagram story. This is a very good way of generating the interest of the customers.

Investments on social influences: Social influencers are always a part of the marketing strategy of major brands and organizations. A social influencer has a great impact on the masses. We like to believe in what social media influencers have got to say. That is why companies and organisations are investing in social media influencers for promoting their products. It is an excellent strategy to connect with the audience and acquire their trust.

Live streaming: Live streaming has also become quite popular in recent times. Popular social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have launched their live video streaming platform and they are getting an extraordinary response. Facebook live has become so popular among the audience that even media companies are using Facebook live for broadcasting important news.

Personalization: Personalization is something which attracts each one of us and popular social media platforms provide us with a personalized experience. Most social media platforms provide endless customization options to the users using which you can personalize your profile as per your requirement. So, we can say that personalization has got a major role to play in making social media platforms popular.

How is social media marketing different from PPC marketing?

Now let us talk about social media versus ppc marketing

Social media marketing and PPC marketing both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Although social media marketing may seem to be the easiest and the safest way of marketing, PPC also has its benefits in the long run. PPC allows targeted marketing as your ads will be displayed to the target audience only. It uses various useful metrics to target the audience. You will only have to pay when your ad is clicked. Social media marketing, on the other hand, is completely free of cost. You need not have to pay for traffic on your social media profile. It also allows for easier brand recognition and awareness. You can directly interact with your customers and also provide them with feedback.

One of the major disadvantages of PPC marketing is that it is quite expensive and maintaining a PPC campaign can also be very time-consuming. Social media marketing all has various cons. A major cause of concern for the social media marketers is that social media marketing trends are always changing and you need to remain attentive all the time to keep the interest of your customers alive all the time.


So this was all about it. As you can see, social media platforms have a big role to play in influencing our lives and our decisions. If you are a brand owner or you wish to start your own business, then you must open a profile for your company on any of the popular social media platforms. Also, there are a lot of resources which provide detailed instructions about marketing tips to follow. You must go through these tips and tricks and design your own marketing strategy for your company.