What You Need To Know About Zit Patches

Nobody likes persistent acne, but you do not want to pop them and risk spreading the bacteria and leaving a scar.  All is not lost! The skincare industry designed a tiny yet powerful cure in the form of patches or stickers. 

These zit patches work as a KILLA™ acne treatment that treats skin breakouts and speeds up healing. They work efficiently on the individual pimples and are typically worn overnight. 

How Do Zit Patches Work?

There are a few types of acne stickers, and one of them is the micro dart patch. This acne path uses the micro dart technology that features mini dissolving darts to stick to your skin. 

The microneedles go deep into the skin and attack the zits by releasing the ingredients on them. The process prevents the pimples from entirely breaking out on the skin surface.

The micro dart patches work well on baby pimples, superficial pimples, mild breakouts, including blemishes and whiteheads. They are also ideal for managing those hard-to-reach pimples. 

With this, consider your breakouts. Is your face teeming with whiteheads? 

This is the kind of pimple that is usually brought about by under exfoliating. If you are not removing dead skin cells correctly, they tend to accumulate and block the pores, leading to oil and whiteheads. 

On the other hand, if your problem is hard, red breakouts are often due to hormones. For example, the cortisol hormone flares up when a person is stressed, causing excess oiliness and inflammation. 

Also, those breakouts can be associated with the menstrual cycle. A few days before your period, the testosterone increases oil production and blocks the hair follicles, causing deep, red zits to show up.

It is easier to treat your acne if you understand what you are dealing with. It helps you determine what products and ingredients will work best to clear your face from zits and prevent new ones from appearing.

How Do You Benefit From Using Acne Patches?

It is not surprising that many pimple victims turn to acne patches to help them clear this demoralizing skin condition. 

One of the benefits of using this acne treatment is that the stickers do not cause the skin to be flaky and dry. They create a protected environment for the zit while the darts are doing their job underneath the skin. 

Using the pimple patches also keeps you from touching your acne and trying to pop it; thus, avoiding further irritation.  Remember that picking a zit increases the risk of inflammation and delays the healing process. Besides working as a bandage, the patches provide UV protection to the zit.  

Make sure to apply the KILLA™ acne treatment on clean skin. Use a cleansing swab to wipe the infected area before placing the pimple sticker on your skin. This will ensure that no bacteria or dirt is stuck beneath the patch. 

Read the instructions on how long you should leave the patches on your skin. Often, it is advisable to use it for about two hours or overnight use. This is enough time to get rid of the swelling, size, and redness of acne. 

With zit patches, you no longer have to face the world with red bumps on your skin. When you feel or see a spot forming, apply those patches immediately and let them do their job.