Why you should teach python to your kids?

In the modern age of technological advancements, understanding computer programming has become very important for people. According to many experts, python is considered to be one of the best coding languages for kids to start with. It is a widely used language that is very capable of delivering high level computers programs easily. It has loads of features that make it a high level and extremely powerful programming language, while being extremely simple to learn and understand. The following are some of the benefits of teaching python to your kids-


  • It is easy to pickup and will open a lot of opportunities


If your kid showcases interest in computer programming, there is no other language that can be as easy as python while being up to the mark with some of the best languages like java and C++. It is extremely easy to understand and to code in and your kid will easily start to understand it. Currently python is one of the most widely used programming languages around the world and learning to code in it at such a young age will open a lot of opportunities for them.


  • It will develop high IQ and problem solving skills


As you may know, coding isn’t only about making computer programs by learning to write codes. You will need to have high analytical skills, logic, problem solving skills and intellect to be a successful coder. When your kid starts to learn coding at such a young age he will also develop the above skills along with and appetite for coding.


  • It can lead to a healthy career


Currently python is being heavily used in business and IT world due to being extremely customizable and easy to write and understand. Being easy to write allows for faster programming and results which is great for businesses. As of now, python is doing very well and is looking stable. This can pave way for a career for your child as the opportunities and his skills are going to grow with time.