Worried About Writing Your Essay? Here’s a Simple Process to Follow!

To make your essay impactful, providing relevant facts and figures are a must. We tend to include third party sources to add value to our project. However, in the process, one should be cautious to not get tempted into plagiarism. It is a serious ethical and legal issue and can have real consequences.

Avoiding this offence is paramount while beginning a school essay and here’s how to do it. 

Plagiarism Checker Tools 

Research says that one out of every three students tends to plagiarize an assignment. If you are giving proper credit to the original source, it is fine. If not, it could be the greatest sin in terms of academics. The best way to avoid this is to use an effective essay plagiarism checker tool online. Whether a direct, mosaic or an accidental one, these checkers are the most accurate way to scan and detect duplicate content. 

Ways to Reduce Plagiarism Percentage
Essay plagiarism checkers equipped with advanced technology can help you find any copied information even from your own previous essays or from the web. The software scans through millions of pages of content online within seconds, including private academic journals, which are usually not readily available. Therefore, to ensure your content is deemed 100% original, here are a few steps to follow.


  • Use Quotation Marks 


One of the simplest ways to reduce the plagiarism percentage is to use quotation marks. If you are inserting three or more words in the same sequence as in another article, put them within quotes. This will denote that the words are not yours and that you have quoted from another source. Give credit to the source too. This enhances the credibility of your work. Start with a proper outline of where you will use your own ideas and where quoted terms will be used


  • Paraphrase


This is the most effective solution to keep plagiarism in check. Understand the ideas and words and then paraphrase them in your own words. Ensure that the meaning of the text does not get altered. You have to be quite careful because it done incorrectly, it can be detected by an essay plagiarism checker within no time. 


  • Original Idea


The safest way to avoid even minor plagiarism is to present your own views. Read the concepts and the topic well and see what you can come up with. There would be no need to refer to other websites if you are giving your own opinion on an issue. A fresh perspective is always welcome and can strengthen your essay. But, be careful not to copy from any previously done essay, in case it is up on the internet and your publisher did not permit reuse. At the most, you can source the ideas and use different words to frame the concepts. Make use of an online essay plagiarism checker to recheck before submitting your work. 

Advanced algorithms today help student to be confident that their essays are plagiarism free. Most such tools provide detailed information, like similar word percentage, even from different languages, in one place. You can upload any format, including .doc, .docx, PDF files or documents stored on Google Drive.